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Insights is a collaborative consulting service that meshes with your internal staff as well as service providers. 

What is PanVista Insight?


PV Insight is a service that helps corporate and association clients smoothly and seamlessly adopt analytics to help meet business goals. To us, the very term Insight means a useful bit of data that has a practical business application. Data on its own may be useful, but insight is actionable. This governs our entire approach to clients.

The types of clients and challenges that we focus on:
PV Insight focuses on clients that put on (or attend) one or more key events, whether trade shows or conferences, as an important part of their annual business activity. Events offer an amazing opportunity for organizations to engage with and support their clients, though few currently leverage the data and insights effectively.

PV Insight focuses on the identification of opportunities to apply analytics to the following primary types of challenges:

• Increase sales or revenues ( lead generation)
• Increase customer satisfaction / retention
• Improve current products/services
• Develop new products/services


Business Goals

While these challenges may sound generic in nature, let’s think about them in the event market. These are business goals that can be addressed with the right type of analytics.

• How do I attract more of the right type of attendees to my event?
• How do I get attendees to spend more time at the event as a whole, within sessions or visiting exhibitors? (or, how can I increase average booth visit time to over 10 minutes?)
• How do I ensure that exhibitors are getting the optimal traffic from suitable attendees?
• How do I ensure my sponsors messages are getting exposed to the type of attendees they want?
• Have I provided the right types of content in my programming and sessions at the conference?
• What type of content and programming is missing?
• What type of exhibitors are missing?

Our Technology and Systems

tech systems


What types of technology and systems do you use and implement for clients?


With PV Insight we take a best of breed approach to delivering on client’s analytics and insight needs. Here are some sample approaches and technologies used:

• Predictive Analytics - These insights tell clients what to expect from a given situation. An example would be estimating visits to a large tradeshow booth

• Prescriptive Analytics - These insights suggest to clients how to act in a given situation based on available data. An example would be suggesting to an event programmer to add a new session on a given topic seeing that attendance at similar ones was highly attended and visits to related vendors booths were all very high.

• Real-time profile and behaviour based messaging - Use an integrated engagement toolkit to influence audiences’ attendance and activity at the event based on their behaviour. An example is messaging all attendees that have attended only 1 session and suggesting specific sessions from the afternoon program, or those that have spent little time on the trade floor to visit specific vendors (once again, based on their behaviour at the show thus far).

Next Steps...

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