Lead Generation


Lead Generation

Double your lead generation results from your event, conference or trade show with game-changing analytics.

The Buyers Journey

buyers journey

Why does the buyer’s journey matter? The answer is simple. The internet has changed the traditional buying process because people can research and educate themselves online for the most part. Therefore the buying process is no longer a vertical funnel-like process but rather horizontal where the buyer can join at any stage.

This means by providing value and answers at every stage, you’re able to nurture customers toward making a decision and, if done right, the decision to buy from you. You’ll avoid the mistakes of more traditional approaches, like waiting until they’re ready or delivering a hard sales pitch.

Instead, you can give them exactly what they need according to their particular stage and help them move in your direction. In fact, 67% of all buyers have already made their decision before they have engaged a sales rep which is why lead generation strategies and tactics play such an important role.

Supplying a lead with Marketing guidance rather than making an attempt to force their hand will build trust. We all know trust has a tremendous influence on today’s purchaser and nurturing a lead according to a position on the buyer’s journey gives you the highest potential to convert them.

Trade shows and events offer a unique opportunity to capture behavioral intelligence on prospective buyers on whether to invest precious sales and marketing resources on a particular prospect.

Predicated on its horizontal nature, the buyer’s journey can start at a trade show or event. The trick is to compile the correct data points which match your target customer profile or persona behaviour.

Lead Quality

This is why 82% of B2B marketers believe that tradeshows produce the highest quality of lead explaining why they represent 21% of their marketing budget


Qualified Leads

The premise is “If it looks like a duck chances are it's usually is a duck” Once a correlation is made, determined based on Key Performance Index (KPI) behaviours, a subject becomes a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) worthy of sales process investment becoming a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

Qualified Leads

The technology used to make this magical correlation is a variety of technologies, databases, and algorithms used to capture and generate reports based on participant interactions or behaviours on the trade show floor and event complex. Custom reports can be produced to measure most any buyer insight requirement allowing marketing personas or subjects to be qualified for sales process investment or held for nurturing.

mql sql

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