Our Ideal Partner

Panvista Analytics allows event companies to deliver a better, more profitable and successful event.

Whether you are an event management company that handles the entire event A through Z, a marketing agency responsible for strong engagement with target attendees or supplier that offers a single product such as mobile apps or registration, we can help you become a stronger partner to your clients.


Are you an event management company who runs entire shows?

Do you design and build core displays, signage, help determine floor layouts, as well as assist in programming, sessions and more?

Is your success measured in how smooth operations are, how many people visit sessions and booths, attendance at sponsored events like breakfasts, as well as metrics such as time spent in sessions and overall on the floor?


If the answer is yes, with our insight data you can now:

Dynamically, intelligently refine layout and flow - Plan the physical layout of the sessions rooms, common or trade areas better (inc. entrances), by observing motion trends of people (for example, 75% of people do not make it past the first 6 rows of booths, let’s open additional entrances from other sides).  

Optimize pricing - Suggest optimal pricing for sponsorship plans and booths based on actual behaviour and trends, increasing revenue.

Improve session attendance metrics - Determine the optimal length of sessions based on attendance metrics, as well as the optimal mix of themes, resulting in better attendance and satisfaction.

Increase time on floor - Increase attendance/duration of time spent by target high-value audiences, within specific sessions or in areas of the conference like certain booths/with certain vendors, using our targeted messaging. This results in higher attendance and sales potential for exhibitors.

Provide curated prospect lists - Give exhibitors and sponsors a segmented list of high prospect attendees, for immediate follow up and the higher prospect of sales.

Offer post-show engagement recommendations - Give clients a series of recommendations for post-show engagement with attendees based on their in-show behaviour, resulting in better year-round engagement and increased attendance at events.

Enable seamless continuing education support - Lower the cost of certification exercises for continuing education and speed up issuance of credits.

Are you a marketing agency hired by the company or association to execute their marketing strategy on an annual basis, including at the conference?

Is your success is defined by, annual increase in their membership, participation in events (one or more in a year), participation and contributions to the association, volunteering on committees, sales of add-on offerings like online programming, and sales of sponsorship and exhibitor packages to annual events and smaller ones

internet marketing agency

If the answer is yes, with our insight data you can:

Increase attendance - Target existing and new prospects for their membership to retain and attract showing higher participation levels levels

Increased in-show revenues - Sell increased sponsorship and exhibit packages, as show can now direct people to their booths, demo areas, and sessions

Increased post-show revenues -  Sell increased offerings post-event, knowing the true interests of attendees

events suppliers

Are you a supplier of specialized capabilities to events, such as registration, mobile apps or AV?

Is your success defined by smooth operational delivery of your systems, with a seamless flow of people and no technical difficulties? Are you feeling pressure from competitors and events to differentiate and add additional layers of sophistication to your current offerings?

Panvista Analytics may have a solution set that allows you to do just that. By including analytics as part of your offerings, alongside your current products, you can add a layer of insight into show activity and attendee behaviour previously unavailable.

Integrated show and attendee metrics to highlight your data - As a registration provider, you can now tell your clients not who registered and also how they behaved at the entire show. Fields used to segment the audience, such as attendee type, education, role, company, gender and more are all based on your registration process and systems, so this data further highlights just how critical your system is, and how smooth the process must be. We integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure via a direct link, API or even a CSV.

Audio Visual and other suppliers already have “boots on the ground” at every show. By offering analytics, you can leverage your existing staffing to deliver an additional offering and generate increased revenues, as a provider of integrated services, not just a single one.

Our systems can be implemented by skilled staff, with minimal technical knowledge. All they require is commitment and reliability, our leads will do all the rest.