SMS Text Engagement


SMS Text Engagement

Industry-leading SMS text platform allows communication with marketing personas in real time for event & exhibitor marketers.

Own Your Attendees’ Attention


Are you an event marketer looking to increase engagement levels of specific valued audiences at your show? Increased engagement can be measured by the amount of time these attendees spend in target locations such as seminars, breakout areas and with exhibitors in the hall.


Here is how Panvistas’ active attendee engagement service works:



VIP Clients

If your goal is increasing the time your VIP clients spend on the tradeshow floor, simply indicate that to your event analytics management system. Select the target audience based on their profile and behaviour at the show, such as all large buyers with a demonstrated interest in products of a certain type, or every buyer that has spent more than 20 minutes in certain sessions. Select which message should be sent. Do you wish to invite them to a new reception that is end of day, or to visit your top 3 exhibitor booths? Click save and GO. Messaging can be via SMS or email at that moment or a scheduled moment in time. You can also set it to message new attendees as they qualify


Are you head of sales or marketing for a company exhibiting at or sponsoring the show? Your goal is to convert qualified traffic to qualified leads for your product or service. Panvista’s event messaging toolkit allows you to zero in on audiences based on their actual behaviour and profile at the event, not just the information they provided months back at registration. Simply define your audience based on their actual, exhibited interest levels in your type of product or service and ask the system to invite them to your booth for a personalized demonstration and coffee.

triggered messaging

Simple / Complex Triggers

Triggered messaging is always based on the profile and behaviour of attendees at a show, since how people actually behave is a far better indicator of their interests and inclinations than checkboxes on a registration form. Triggers can be as simple or complex as you need to target your audiences.

actionable analytics

Real-Time Actionable Analytics Toolkit

A real time event toolkit for show stakeholders, that allows them to identify and take action to better the show, sponsor, exhibitor and attendee experience. This toolkit is comprised of custom reports and tools for show management including Director, Ops, Programming, Marketing and Sponsorship, Exhibits. For example:

• Imagine if the event director receives a message indicating that an area of the tradeshow hall is under-visited. Suggestions about new attraction (such as a charging station or refreshments) be installed there to attract people, or an entrance changed to refine the flow of people to that area, could be made.

• Imagine if the sessions programming lead receives a message 10 minutes before a round of sessions are set to start, that 3 of her 50 rooms were at 90% capacity. A suggestion could be made that overflow areas be set up (and enabling her to immediately text the instructions to ops and AV people on the ground)

• Imagine if 4 hours into a show, an exhibitor could automatically text message select attendees who are their highest prospects based on their behavior at the show thus far (whether or not they visited their booth!) They could be invited to a detailed, personal demonstration of a product.

• Imagine if attendees received lists of afternoon recommendations. This list could include booths to visit based on their behaviour, interests and the booths they did not visit, not just the ones they did or suggested follow-on sessions based on day 1 at the conference

• Imagine if the exhibit manager is notified that in a certain area of the hall attendees are barely stopping to visit the booths but simply walking by in great numbers. He/she can take action to try and slow traffic down in that area

• Imagine if sponsors received real time and post show updates. This could include numbers and types of people exposed to their brands and talks at a sponsored lunch, with options to message select people for continued conversations

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